Sealed tender for below mentioned works are hereby invited from Govt: Contractors enlisted with PEC in the relevant category and having registration/enlistment renewal for the current year as per following schedule.

Work NoWork NameEstimated Cost (Millions)Earnest Money(Rs.)Tender Form(Rs.)Required PEC CategoryLast Date / Time of online applyDate / Time of OpeningTime LimitDownload BOQ
1Renovation of District Annexee and Construction of Additional Rooms in DC Office/ Bungalow4.3000860000  2021-11-29 12:00 AM 14:00:00As per work order Download BOQ


Tender form along with BOQ may be downloaded on Local Government website after publishing in the newspaper. Following documents may be attached with the tender form..

  1. Valid Registration with Pakistan Engineering Council with appropriate specialized category .


  1.    Registration with Local Council Board Khyber Pakhtunkhwa with receipt of the renewal for the year 2017-18
  2.     Attested N.I.C copy.



  1. In the absence of above documents the Tender form shall not be included in the bidding process.
  2. Unrelated Contractors who does not possess the criteria are not allowed to participate in Tender.
  3. 2% Earnest money in the shape of Call Deposit of the bid amount (Original) may be attached with Tender form. All these documents attached with the Tender form/BOQ may be sent to the undersigned and duplicate copy of the same also be sent to Office of the TMA Hangu through Courier Service.


  1. Contractor or his representative is not allowed to deposit the Tender form by hand or through fax.
  2. Tender shall be received up to 12:00 Noon on due dates and will be opened on same days at 2:00 PM. otherwise, the tender will be considered as Cancelled/ Not accepted.
  3. The undersigned can reject any one or all the Tender with a cogent reason.
  4. All Testing material Cost from the laboratory will be borne by the Contractor.                                                                                                                                                                       
  5. The bids offered Below on MRS applicable/ non schedule items will deposit additional security as per Government Policy in the shape of call deposit. These guarantee will be discharged on the expiry of the defect liability period of the contracts.
  6. The item rate system is replaced by above-below system on BOQ based on MRS applicable and hence above/below should be applied.
  7. Incomplete / conditional bids shall not be accepted.
  8. The work will be started immediately after issuing work order. In case of absence of the Contractor for non-starting of work the Contract will be cancelled and his security / Earnest money will be forfeited.
  9. All relevant taxes will be deducted from the Contractor bills.              
  10.      Tender form, documents and Call Deposit received through Fax or by hand will not be acceptable.
  11. If equal rates in the bids are offered the decision will be made as per Government Rules and Policy.
  12.  Attorney holders (Representative of the contractor should come with proper attested documents and N.I.C of the concerned contractor and authority letter by the Contractor; otherwise the Tender Form will be rejected.

Tehsil Municipal Officer, TMA Hangu

0925 - 621530