Sealed tender for below mentioned works are hereby invited from Govt: Contractors enlisted with PEC in the relevant category and having registration/enlistment renewal for the current year as per following schedule.

Work NoWork NameEstimated Cost (Millions)Earnest Money(Rs.)Tender Form(Rs.)Required PEC CategoryLast Date / Time of online applyDate / Time of OpeningTime LimitDownload BOQ
1Flood Protection Gate 1/PCC Steel Covers Hole N.H.O Fazal Mabob Khan Maizara Thana4.0000800000  2021-12-01 12:00 AM 14:00:00  Work Cancelled

Terms and Conditions:            

  1. Sealed Tender form/ BOQ (original) sent via registered mail/Courier service must be reached in the office of T.M.O, T.M.A Batkhela within timeline. Sending of bid documents via Fax, Email or by hand are not acceptable. Copies of requisite documents like enlistment/renewal with the LCB, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Peshawar, Income Tax certificate PEC Registration and CNIC(s) etc. must be attached with the tender documents.
  2. Tender documents will be accompanied by original call deposits i.e. 2% Earnest Money in the name of Tehsil Municipal Officer, TMA Batkhela from scheduled Banks. Without call deposits, bid(s) will be rejected.
  3. The Engineer Estimates are framed on the MRS 2021.
  4. All federal and provincial duties /stamp duty /taxes including sales tax etc. will be recoverable from the contractor/ bidder concerned as per directives of the government issued from time to time.
  5. Subletting of contract(s) is not allowed and violator(s) will be dealt harshly under the law/ rule.
  6. Cases of equal bid rates (draw/ tie) will be decided through free toss step by step which will be final and will be binding upon all concerned.
  7. The bidder must write the bid amount in both words and figures on tender form as well as the BOQ. Any disfiguring, over writing, manipulation in the tender shall be non-responsive & will be rejected.
  8. Incomplete/conditional bid(s) will not be entertained.
  9. i. The contractor quoting their bids  upto a limit of 15%  below  Engineer’s Estimate shall submit  Bid Security to the extent of 2% on Engineer Estimate only..

    ii. The contractors quoting their bids more than 15% below on Engineer’s Estimate shall submit along with their bids an Additional Security to the extent of their bid/rates more than15% below on engineer’s estimate in the form of percentage.

           iii.  In case the bidder quotes more than 15% below the Engineer’s Estimate and the bid is not accompanied by the Additional Security then the bid shall be considered as non-responsive and the 2nd lowest bidder and so on will be considered accordingly.

       iv. In case a contractor quotes more than 30% below on Engineer’s Estimate, the procuring entity shall, in addition to additional security, require the contractor to produce detailed rate analysis of his bid price in relation to any or all the items of bill of quantities, scope work, allocation risks and responsibilities and /or any other requirements of the bid solicitation document. The contract shall be awarded to the lowest evaluated bidder who has satisfied the procuring entity on rate analysis. However, if the procuring entity determines that the contractor has failed to demonstrate its capability to execute the contract at the offered price, the matter shall be referred to the next higher authority for rejection of the bid on the basis of being financially unviable.

           v. The procuring entity may offer the contract to next lowest bidder after due  diligence in the context of financial difference such two bids or may  advertise procurement opportunity afresh.

          vi. After commencement of work by the successful bidder, the procuring entity may replace the Additional Security with a bank guarantee of the same amount from the schedule bank, if the already deposited security is not in the form bank guarantee.

         vii. All previous orders and instructions issued regarding additional bid security shall stand superseded.

  1. Securities of all bidders for the specific work will be retained by the Department till the approval of tender / signing of contract agreement by the successful bidder.
  2. The work order will be issued subject to availability of fund.
  3. The bidders are at liberty to seek any clarification or further information from the office of the undersigned within working hours if desired.
  4. All bidders are required to be registered with the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Revenue Authority, established under  the Khyber  Pakhtunkhwa Finance  Act,2013 ( Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Act No.XXI, for works, consulting and  non-consulting services as listed in Schedule-II of the Act ibid.”


 Submitted by:                                                                           Approved by



                           QamarZaman                                                                     Muhammad ArifBalouch

                         TehsilOfficer(I&S)                                                                  Tehsil Municipal Officer

                          TMA, Batkhela                                                                          TMA, Batkhela.

Tehsil Municipal Officer, TMA Batkhela

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