Sealed tender for below mentioned works are hereby invited from Govt: Contractors enlisted with PEC in the relevant category and having registration/enlistment renewal for the current year as per following schedule.

Work NoWork NameEstimated Cost (Millions)Earnest Money(Rs.)Tender Form(Rs.)Required PEC CategoryLast Date / Time of online applyDate / Time of OpeningTime LimitDownload BOQ
1Construction of Library at Mian Noor Baba Islampur4.5000900000  2021-12-07 12:00 AM 14:00:00As Per Work Order Download BOQ
2Pavement of Street and drain at Islampur2.5000500000  2021-12-07 12:00 AM 14:00:00As Per Work Order Download BOQ
3Construction of Boundary Wall at Mian Noor Baba Graveyard Islampur1.5000300000  2021-12-07 12:00 AM 14:00:00As Per Work Order Download BOQ
4Balance Work at Baloo Masjid Islampur1.5000300000  2021-12-07 12:00 AM 14:00:00As Per Work Order Download BOQ



  1. Tender Form/ BOQ can be downloaded after publication in the newspapers by the original registered contractors from Local Council Board website. (, this tender will also available on KPPRA website (
  2. Option of printing of tender will be visible only to the enlisted contractors on providing online percentage of above/ below along with amount, bank & date of earnest money. The Tender Forms and BOQs must be signed by the original contractor.
  3. All the enlisted contractors have an option to withdraw their bids online upto closing time of tender if they intend not to participate in biding. In case they have applied rates online then they shall be compelled to submit printed tenders documents along with requisite documents to TMA Babuzai (Mingora), otherwise will be liable to be declared as black listed.
  4. Any tender or offer of works made by any enlisted contractor without filling bids online shall be null and void henceforth.
  5. The TMA Babuzai (Mingora) shall award and print work order through New E-Tendering System. Any work awarded and work order issued by the TMA without E-Tendering System shall be null and void henceforth.
  6. The documents must be attached with the bids such as i) 2% Earnest Money in shape of original Call Deposit in the name of Tehsil Municipal Officer, TMA Babuzai (Mingora) from scheduled banks, ii) Photocopy of CNIC iii) Enlistment & Renewal copy of Local Council Board for the year 2020-21, iv) Valid registration copy of Pakistan Engineering Council and v) Photocopy of registration with the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Revenue Authority.
  7. Sealed bids must be sent through Registered Mail/ Couriers Service should reached on scheduled date and time as fixed above and will be opened on the same date at 02.00 PM in the presence of bidders by the Tender Committee. Delay in delivery of the tender documents will be the responsibility of bidders.
  8. As per KPPRA Notification No.S.R.O.(13)/Vol:1-21/2021-22 dated 15/09/2021/5335-48, i) the contractors quoting their bids up to a limit of 15% below Engineer Estimate shall submit bid security to the extent of 2% of Engineer Estimate only. ii) The contractor quoting their bids more than 15% below on Engineer’s Estimate shall submit along with their bids an Additional Security to the extent of their bid/ rates more than 15% below on engineer estimate in the form of percentage. iii) In case the bidder quotes more than 15% below the Engineer Estimate and the bid is not accompanied by the Additional Security then the bid shall be considered as non-responsive and the 2nd lowest bidder and so on will be considered accordingly. iv) In case a contractor quotes more than 30% below on Engineer Estimate, the procuring entity shall, in addition to additional security, require the contractor to produced detailed rate analysis of his bid price in relation to any or all the items of bill of quantities, scope of work, allocation of risks and responsibilities and/ or any other requirements of the bid solicitation document. The contract shall be awarded to the lowest evaluated bidder who has satisfied the procuring entity on rate analysis. However, if the procuring entity determines that the contractors has failed to demonstrate its capability to execute the contract at the offered price, the matter shall be referred to the next higher authority for rejection of the bid on the basis of being financially unviable. v) The procuring entity may offer the contract to next lowest bidder after due diligence in the context of financial difference between such two bids or may advertise procurement opportunity afresh. vi) After commencement of work by the successful bidder, the procuring entity may replace the Additional Security with a bank guarantee of the same amount from the scheduled bank; if the already deposited security is not in the form of bank guarantee. vii) The Additional Security shall be released to the contractor in four installments that is 25% to be released upon completion of 25% of the project, 50% to be released upon completion of 50% of the project, 75% to be released upon completion of 75% of the project and the remaining amount to be released after completion of the project. viii) All previous orders, instructions and regulations issued regarding additional security shall be stand superseded.
  9. In case of bids become tie the award of contractor shall be decided through a free toss which shall be binding and final.
  10. The time limit of each work shall be as per work order issued to successful bidder and the contractor will have to start work in fifteen (15) days’ time period after the issuance of work order failing which the Contract will be cancelled and security/ additional security (if any) will be forfeited.
  11. All federal and provincial duties/ stamp duty/ contingency charges and taxes including sales tax will be recoverable as per directives of the government issued from time to time. 
  12. All the contractors/ firms are bound to quote their rates online as per KPPRA notification on “Above/ Below System” based on Market Rate System.
  13. The Engineer Estimates are framed on the MRS-2021 accordingly.
  14. Bid security of some or all the bidders will be retained by the employer till approval of Tender/ Bid validity period.
  15. Complete bids (in Original) must reach to the TMA Babuzai (Mingora) on or before the fixed date/ time. Incomplete/ conditional or telegraphic tenders shall not be accepted.
  16. The Department will not bound to provide any machinery/ testing laboratory and the total cost on it will be borne by the contractors themselves.
  17. Any bidder who provides incorrect information/ bogus/ false documents should be disqualified.
  18. All the bidders are required to be registered with the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Revenue Authority, established under the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Finance Act, 2013 (Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Act No. XXI of 2013) is mandatory, for works, consulting and non-consulting services as listed in Schedule-II of the Act ibid.
  19. Any addition made in Terms & Conditions in the NIT advertised in the newspapers will be implemented as per KPPRA Rules.                                                                             Note: Work order to the successful contractors/ bidders will be issued subject to availability of funds.


Tehsil Municipal Officer, TMA Mingora

0946 - 9240150-51