Sealed tender for below mentioned works are hereby invited from Govt: Contractors enlisted with LG&RDD/PEC in the relevant category and having registration/enlistment renewal for the current year as per following schedule.

Work NoWork NameEstimated Cost (Millions)Earnest Money(Rs.)Last Date / Time of Submission of Tender FormsDate / Time of OpeningTime LimitAddress of NC / VCDownload BOQ
1Solarization Execution of DWSS (Solar Based) at Tirah, MDK, Bara, District khyber11.8350236700 07-Jul-2020 13:00:00As per work orderNIL Download BOQ
2Solarization Execution of DWSS (Solar Based) at Malikdin khel, Bara, District Khyber16.3290326580 07-Jul-2020 13:00:00As per work orderNIL Download BOQ
3Solarization Execution of DWSS (Solar Based) at Akakhel, Kalakhel, Bara, District Khyber10.3660207320 07-Jul-2020 13:00:00As per work orderNIL Download BOQ
4Solarization Execution of DWSS (Solar Based) at shalobar, Barqambarkhel, Sipah, Kamarkhel, Bara, District Khyber15.0810301620 07-Jul-2020 13:00:00As per work orderNIL Download BOQ
  1. The Financial bidding will be online through E-Bidding system. Tender form and BOQ can be filled online and downloaded from the official website of LGERDD ( after one day of publishing NIT. The online apply time will close one day prior the closing at 12 am.
  2. The bidders are required to fill Electronic bids online and attach online scan copy of BID security in shape of original call deposit in the name of Procuring Entity along with (Additional Security if any), and submit hard copy of the same printed electronic bid form to the procuring Entity/Executing agency. (Both Original & Duplicate copy, in the name of ADLGRDD & DGLGRDD respectively, Sealed in Separate envelopes)
  3. Electronic bids and original call deposits received through fax or by hand will not be acceptable. Sealed bids sent through registered mail/Courier service should reach up to the specified time and date as mentioned above.
  4. The eligible bidder must have the relevant codes for the above mentioned works as per Pakistan Engineering Council. The relative codes shall be according to the items mentioned in BOQ while the contractor category shall be as per the estimated cost of the scheme. If the code and category does not match, the bid will be considered non-responsive
  5. The contractor or his representative may be present at the time of opening of electronic bids opening.
  6. The call deposits i.e Bid security along with (additional security if any), for the work/contract must be prepared after publishing of NIT, before closing time of the Electronic bid apply.
  7. In case of bid/rate quoted by the bidder more than 10% below engineer estimate, the additional bid security shall/Will be sought from the successful bidder only to the extent of bid more than 10% below the engineer estimate in the form of percentage. The amount of additional bid security shall be equal to the impact of financial difference occurring in the quoted rates beyond 10% below engineer estimate.

     In such eventuality, the successful bidder shall be bound to produce the additional bid security within three (03) working days from the issuance of Letter of Acceptance failing which the procuring entity shall forfeit the bid security of successful bidder and may also initiate legal proceeding against the bidder who repudiated the contract under KPPRA procurement rules.

    The procuring entity may offer the contract to next lowest bidder after due diligence in the context of financial difference between such two bids and the market analysis in order to discourage cartel making and to protect public interest at large.

     Any such effort to conspire to cartel making shall be considered as violation of Rule 44 and shall be attributed towards mis-procurement under Rule 54 of Procurement Rules ibid.

  8. Any electronic bidder who provide false, or materially inaccurate or incomplete information, or does not send information/bidding Documents in hard form will be disqualified as per KPPRA Act Section 29 (I) read with KPPRA Rule (43). Furthermore the procuring entity/Executing Agency will recommend and send cases for debarring /Blacklisting and will initiate/take action in light of approved procedure/mechanism as per KPPRA Act section 29(2) read with KPPRA rule (44).
  9. Electronic Bids will remain valid for 150 days from the closing date of bids..
  10. The contractor shall bear all the expenses of the testing as well as vetting of the structure design from the government laboratories, registered structure engineers, as directed by the Engineer LGRDD Khyber and will re execute works in case of failure without any payment..
  11. Tender will be received till mentioned time on the opening date of tender and the tentative comparative statement downloaded from the website will be announced at the opening time, and final result will be announced after evaluation of bids in all respect in Bid validity time.
  12. Call deposit of the other bidders will be retained till approval of the tender.
  13. The PEC and KPRA registration (Active tax payer) must be valid for current financial year.
  14. The centralized Enlisted contractors with C&W department for the current financial year who wants to participate in tendering process may approach Directorate General LG&RDD Peshawar within two days before closing time of electronic apply for uploading their names on the official website i.e (
  15. Standard bidding documents for procurement of large works, 2015 is applicable and can be obtained from office or as per KPPRA website.
  16. All applicable taxes will be recoverable as per directives of the government in vogue